The GLAS Club International e.V. was founded as one of the oldest car-brand clubs in 1975 in Switzerland. Today he has soon 1000 members from all over the world.
Most members come from Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries. But we also have members in the USA, South America, Japan and Australia. Membership is open to anyone who drives a vehicle of the brand GLAS and/or a Goggomobil. But also those who are interested in the Bavarian car maker, without even owning one of the vehicle from Dingolfing, are welcome.

The club has made it his task to support members in their hobby to keep their vehicles in original condition or to help to restore them. It provides information and advice, publishes a club magazine and assist in the procurement of spare parts. Every year, on the Pentecost weekend, late May or early June, a multi-day international GLAS club meet takes place in Germany or one of its neighboring countries in which each participant has the opportunity to exchange experiences with other club members to make friends and of course show off their vehicles. These annual meets are usually organized by a team of dedicated club members living in this area and are usually the highlight of our annual club life. In addition, a series of regional meets are held. Also, the club is represented at the larger classic car shows in Germany, including in Mannheim, Essen, Ulm, Stuttgart and Bremen.

The very warm, family type atmosphere within the club membership should not remain unmentioned.

For each type of vehicle GLAS manufactured, the club has an technical advisor - an expert who is familiar with this model. These advisors will assist with specific problems and with information on the availability of spare parts and assist in obtaining them. With extensive campaigns to get parts re-manufactured, potential bottlenecks in the spare parts supply are eliminated. For most of our foreign membership, international contacts are available.

For membership fees in your country please contact the international club contact provided on this web site. Included in membership fee are the three annual "GLAS Club News" with interesting topics related to all GLAS vehicles and occasionally a special issue on a particular topic. In addition, members receive access to the exclusive password protected web pages providing a lot of additional information, such as restoration reports, manuals and events. Spare parts, offered by the club, are discounted to club members.