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Here you can experience the exciting story of an innovative small car company in Dingolfing, Germany just 60 miles north-east of Munich. In just 12 years, this company developed a complete range of products, ranging from the small Goggomobil cars, the 04-series, which won in 1965 with the 1304 TS the German Touring Car Championship, continued with the beautiful GLAS 1300 GT and 1700 GT up to the eight-cylinder GLAS 3000 V8 luxury coupe.
Come on and explore this website, there are many more models and interesting stories.

Thomas Schneider, President 


With great expectations we drove to the annual meeting in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands, about 25 km north of Amsterdam. Jef van de Nes and his wife Rueda had put together a very nice program that we were already looking forward to.

There was already a big hello on Friday evening, where we already met many GLAS friends


A large parts market started on Saturday morning, where a Goggo scooter and an Isar were also offered. Everyone could stock up on new and used spare parts here.

Auto jumbleGLAS IsarGoggo Roller

The lobby At 10.30 a.m. the annual general meeting called for the next item on the agenda. After the presentation of the annual report by Uwe Gusen, the entire board was elected. Since Uwe Gusen did not appear, the following board was elected:

  1. Chairman Thomas Schneider
  2. 2nd Chairman Stefan Füchsl
  3. 3rd Chairman Eric Schroeder

Treasurer Stefan Krause

Secretary Ralf Bösner

Furthermore, Matthias Herrmann was elected as the first cash auditor and Joachim Bomba as the second cash auditor.


Birds park AvifaunaAlternatively, the other guests could visit the Avifauna bird park, which was located directly on the hotel premises.

At around 4.45 p.m. a big boat trip with a captains dinner started. The ship left directly opposite the hotel. Along the Rijndijk you could discover very beautiful houses, villas and also some historic windmills. The rich buffet with delicious North Sea crabs, fish and meat was very well organized and everyone could pick up their meal without pushing.


Boat trip      Restaurant at Rijndijk On Sunday we started the day tour "the green heart of Holland". Through many small roads we discovered the beauty of the landscape.

At the subsequent skill tournament for Goggo, everyone came to have fun again.

Even two women took part and received a trophy.

 Trip on sundayOverall are Bicycles Windmill


Honor of Uwe GusenThere were many awards at the gala evening.

Uwe Gusen resigned as chair after 14 years. Thomas Schneider held a very nice laudation for Uwe and also didn't forget to mention his wife, Doris. Finally, Uwe received honorary membership. Andy Schey was then handed honorary membership. In the turmoil of the pandemic, Andy's honorary membership has not been duly celebrated.


Visit of E&R Monday it was time to say goodbye. On the way back we visited E&R in Waalwijk, the large classic car dealer who offered more than 400 vehicles for sale.

It was a very nice meeting, which the van de Nes family organized very perfectly. We would like to say a special thank you for that.

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Bericht: Uwe Guse In original?

Fotos: Shaun Woodward, Mario Degler, Carsten Brink, Volker Stambke